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Are you looking for a new office space that will accommodate social distancing guidelines? Has COVID-19 prompted a business restructuring that has altered your space needs? If you are looking for new office space on the North Shore of Massachusetts, consider Dunham Ridge in Beverly, MA. Just off Route 128 and across from North Shore Crossing, the location’s visibility is ideal. Continue reading about Dunham Ridge and why it is one of the most sought after business park locations north of Boston.

Advantages of Satellite Offices

The term satellite office refers to an office space that is part of a company’s regional presence but not the main office of that region. Cummings Properties understands that as businesses change and grow, adding an office space in a smaller regional market can be beneficial. We have a solid history of developing and managing commercial properties outside Boston’s city limits, which positions us well to offer businesses office space designed to accommodate continued growth. These professional spaces are typically situated in amenity-rich environments, offering ample free parking and an exceptional value as compared to neighboring urban commercial real estate rates.

How a Satellite Office Space at Dunham Ridge Can Help Your Business

Modern Design

Working in an office has changed since the ‘80s, ‘90s, and even the turn of the millennium. The buildings at Dunham Ridge were constructed with state-of-the-art design, including energy-efficient systems, mixed-use, and build-to-suit options, high bay space, and large ribbon windows to allow natural light to shine in throughout the day.

Natural Space for Employees to Decompress

The office park was also built in a naturally beautiful area, on more than 50 acres of wooded land adjacent to Norwood Pond. On-site walking trails and green space allow employees a place to get some steps in between meetings or during breaks.

Ample Covered Parking

In addition to outdoor parking, there are two large parking garages. Covered, attached parking protects your employees and their vehicles from inclement weather during the winter and rainy seasons. The convenience of having the means to avoid exposure to wind, rain, and snow is a big perk, as is the security of never having to scrape a car clean or dig it out of a snowbank at the end of a long workday.

Unmatched Location

Office spaces in the city of Beverly are becoming more sought after due to population growth and business community expansion in the area. Located right on the water and bordering Salem & Manchester-by-the-Sea, Beverly is part of a scenic, culturally rich region of New England. Being near a lively downtown area provides your employees access to great restaurants, shops, and local events to attend after work.

Dunham Ridge: Your Businesses New Satellite Office Space

If you need more square feet for your growing business, consider Massachusetts’ North Shore and contact Cummings Properties to schedule a tour of Dunham Ridge. Whether you need ample space outfitted to accommodate a workforce of 5, 10, 50, or more employees, we can provide your business with a solution that works for you.



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