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Managing numerous office buildings throughout greater Boston can present challenges during the winter months. From snow removal and sidewalk maintenance to heating, there are a lot of things to worry about from a building maintenance and access standpoint. Luckily for our leasing clients, Cummings Properties’ decades of experience have prepared us well for all that a Boston winter might throw at us. Learn more about how Cummings Properties manages this unforgiving season at our Dunham Ridge location.

Snow Plowing

Parking and access to our buildings is, of course, a pivotal aspect of our daily commitment to our clients. Cummings does not close due to snow because we know that some of our clients rely on us to ensure that their facilities are accessible. Due to the size of our portfolio and our reach across greater Boston, our in-house Snow Team has access to many resources that a smaller property management team might not.  We have a substantial fleet of snow removal vehicles, machines, and tools to get the job done.

Snow Removal

Many commercial parking lots shrink over the winter due to huge piles of snow that are plowed into one or more areas, oftentimes taking up multiple parking spaces. Knowing the importance of parking to our leasing clients, the Snow Team shifts from snow plowing to snow removal once a storm has ended. Whenever practical, they truck the snow to less trafficked areas of the property to ensure that plenty of parking spaces are available.  

Garage Parking

One of winter’s dreaded tasks is shoveling out, brushing off, and in some cases, scraping ice from one’s car before driving home for the night. Several Cummings Properties campuses, however, have free parking garages that shield on-site employees’ vehicles from the snow and ice. Clients who lease space at Cummings Center and Dunham Ridge in Beverly; TradeCenter 128 in Woburn; and 92 Montvale Avenue in Stoneham enjoy this luxury. Many of our garages even have enclosed pedestrian bridges to the office building, allowing employees and customers to stay warm and dry throughout their visit.


Businesses that lease within a Cummings Properties building are provided announcements via email regarding any important information about their building, including reminders about snow parking. If you are the owner of a business or office admin of your place of work at Cummings Properties, be sure to connect with your account manager to be added to the list.

Cummings Properties: Tackling Boston’s Winter for Our Clients 

If your business can’t afford downtime during the winter months due to bad weather, trust that Cummings Properties is here to minimize snow days for your business.  If you want to learn more about how we combat the tough weather, connect with our staff today.

Also, check out this video from 2011 featuring the Cummings snow team! 



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