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Businesses looking for space on Massachusetts’ North Shore are finding Dunham Ridge to be a highly attractive emerging business park. From on-site and nearby amenities to the location itself, this campus provides businesses of all sizes and industries what they need to succeed. Are you considering office parks in the area? Read our internal blog highlighting what helps set Dunham Ridge apart from other North Shore Office parks.


As stated above, Dunham Ridge’s site is a significant advantage for many of our current clients. Situated within the bustling city of Beverly, MA, Dunham Ridge also directly fronts a major interstate, Route 128, making it extremely accessible to commuters and potential customers. Furthermore, as the Massachusetts North Shore area continues to grow, businesses that make Dunham Ridge their home will have access to the expanding talent pool in the area.

State-of-the-art building and design

The majority of the campus offers brand-new construction, which means clients enjoy a modern look and energy-efficient features. These buildings are designed to impress clientele within any industry. Additionally, there are plots of land for sale that will be developed through a collaboration of the buyers and the Cummings Properties design team. The four existing buildings at Dunham Ridge are complete with ample parking, including two parking garages, one of which is attached via a pedestrian bridge. The other parking structure is adjacent to the building, meaning employees can safely go from their vehicle to the building without worrying about the weather.

Walking trails

Dunham Ridge is adjacent to the City of Beverly Conservation Land, a beautiful wooded area home to several indigenous species. There is a trail that can be used for walking, running or biking, and it may even end up as one of the most significant advantages of this space for your employees. Being able to step out of one’s office to a wooded retreat during or after work will improve productivity and employee retention.

Beverly | Gloucester | Salem |The Massachusetts North Shore

Dunham Ridge’s location is proving to be an area people want to work. Not only does Beverly, MA have a downtown with dining, shopping, and housing for those looking to live in the area, the same goes for Salem, Gloucester, and Manchester-By-The-Sea. This area is only going to continue to increase in population as the Greater Boston Area expands. The North Shore offers a great balance of city amenities and laid-back living style.

Dunham Ridge: Your North Shore Office Space is here

An office space at Dunham Ridge could be the right space for your business if Beverly, MA, makes sense for you and your employees. If you want to learn more about the area, amenities, buildings, or campus, give us a call today to set up a tour, or swing by yourself to see what Dunham Ridge has to offer. 

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