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If you are new to the Beverly, MA area, you may have noticed a slight increase in traffic and people during the fall months, especially as we near the night of Halloween. With Salem, MA just down the road, late October rivals mid-summer business, with many people looking to experience and celebrate the Halloween season. If this is your first time working in Beverly, MA, read this blog on things you should know during this time of the year.

History of the area

Salem is known as the Halloween capital of the country due to the infamous Salem Witch Trials that occurred in the 1600s. Little do many know, much of the story of the Salem Witch Trails also occurred in Beverly, MA.  In fact, Reverend John Hale, a Beverly pastor, played one of the most influential roles in the witch trials. Halloween devotees consider Salem, MA the place to be during the holiday season. 

The customers are coming! 

Each day that leads up to Halloween will bring more and more people visiting the area. Beverly restaurants and shops benefit from Salem being so busy with tourists. 

Tips for those working in the Beverly, MA area during October

If you are working in Beverly, MA this fall season, here are some tips to making it as stress-free as possible.

  • Commuting- If you are commuting through the city of Salem, MA, be sure to leave early and give yourself a little extra time. 
  • Dining- Are you regularly going out to eat during lunch? Consider staying local if you work in an office park that has lunch options nearby.
  • Embrace the Tourists- Lots of people will be dressed in costumes (some movie quality) and be in the area to enjoy the season. Take pictures, say “Happy Halloween,” and know the crowds will die down after the holiday.

Dunham Ridge: Beverly, MA’s Top Business Park

Being situated in Beverly, MA, Dunham Ridge clients have an opportunity to experience all that is Halloween on the North Shore. If your business is located at Dunham Ridge, follow the steps above to make it through the end of October. 

Happy Halloween from Dunham Ridge!

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