Posted by on July 21, 2019

The energy of an office can have a big impact on team morale. There are a lot of ways in which the climate of an office can influence employee satisfaction and productivity. For many,  essential office tools and resources allow employees to feel cared for and well equipped to tackle anything that pops up from 9 to 5. Even after work, these office essentials can help employees to feel a true difference in their mood and stature. To make a difference for your employees, here are a few things to provide them with while they work to ensure they’re feeling good about their time at work.

Key Office Essentials for your Workplace

There are some key differences between the drab offices of disengaged employees and the high energy offices of satisfied workers. Here are a few options.

Sit-stand Desks and Good Seating

Some employees feel trapped in their chairs for the duration of the day. In these cases, employees may feel lazier, less motivated, and more likely to distract themselves on the computer or their phones. For starters, a good office essential to provide to your employees is a sit-stand desk that allows seamless transitions between standing desk ergonomics and a traditional seating option. Sitting a little during the day isn’t bad; and it certainly isn’t bad with the right chair. Office chairs are often cheaply made and horrible for the body. With a lot of modern chairs, however, everything from a neck rest to a footrest is available to ensure employees are doing their best work during their shifts.

Office Outings

This might sound counterintuitive for an office essential, but outings during the workweek are a great way to keep employees on the ball. Maybe once a month the team goes out for coffee an hour before the day is over, or even takes a trip to visit stakeholders or a local attraction. This field trip for adults can really reenergize people and have them feel good about the work they’re going to go back and do. 

Dunham Ridge’s location in Beverly, MA allows businesses to explore the downtown area and set up out-of-office events. 

Open Communication

Communication is key in an office, and a line to the boss that’s always open for candid discussions is key to keeping everyone happy in their roles.

If you need the right office to make these essentials a reality, make sure to reach out to Cummings to explore leasing options at Dunham Ridge. Our growing campus includes a variety of leasing options for offices, labs, and medical spaces, as well as parcels of land for sale