Posted by on July 12, 2019

Offices today look very different from how they did 20 years ago. For starters, technology has had a big impact on the way people work. Computers have replaced paperwork and written communication, and, in a lot of ways, have improved the way in which people can do their daily tasks. Another big change has been the way we treat employees. Workers now have a lot more freedom than they did in the 80s and 90s, including work-at-home days, business trips to exotic locations, and employee benefits. For a lot of offices, these trends have helped make everyone more productive and happier at work. Here are some of the trends modern offices are using to keep up with the busy working world. 

Trends in Modern Offices

A number of trends are helping workers produce more results and, in turn, feel happier doing their jobs. Here are just a few examples of trends in modern offices. 

Standing Desks

The body craves activity. Now, we often have workers sitting for eight or more hours a day, which can be unhealthy. Mentally, it can also cause a strain to be inactive for that much of the day. The standing desk trend has been an answer to these physical and mental concerns. By frequently changing positions using a standing desk, the body gets the regular movement it needs, and the employee is more alert and productive thanks to the mental benefits of being on his/her feet. 

Relaxation Rooms

For a number of offices, stress and anxiety are major issues. With the fast-paced working world, deadlines and quotas can really start to weigh a person down. In a lot of companies, the answer to this problem can’t be slowing down the pace of business. It’s a big machine that keeps on turning. In response, however, some offices have installed relaxation rooms. These rooms allow workers to go read, take a nap, play games, or just take time for themselves. This allows them to de-stress before going back on the floor to get back to work. 

Offering benefits like these to your employees may help you attract top talent. 

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