Posted by on June 25, 2019

The ideal employee is one who is productive and happy within his/her role. Unfortunately, with the greater Boston area’s competitive landscape, it can difficult to retain top talent. Many employees who are productive seek higher level positions elsewhere. What can an employer do to encourage employees to work effectively and keep them happy enough to stay? The environment surrounding the office can be a major contributing factor for many employees.

Green Space

The environment surrounding an office can be a distraction that impedes productivity. General hustle and bustle can make it hard to focus. Green space breathes a sigh of relief into what would otherwise be a bombarding environment. If the area around the office is quiet, it’s easier to relax at work. Employees who are more at ease and less distracted will be able to successfully complete complicated tasks in a timely manner.

Walking Trails

When employees are busy, they may feel like every task runs into the next task. There’s not much to break up the day. When an employee is mentally tired from one task, it’s hard to jump right into another. That’s where walking trails come into play.

Getting up and taking a little walk between tasks can help employees reset their minds and come back with more enthusiasm. These little breaks outside of the office will give employees breathing room. Breaks and a change of scenery will keep employees from feeling burned out. When burn out is less likely, employees are more likely to feel happy with their jobs. Happy employees work efficiently and don’t typically want to leave.

Scenic Views

Think about the worst office you ever worked in. It may have felt more like a jail cell. Windows that stare into other buildings, flickering fluorescent lights, and grey cubicle walls probably felt oppressive. It’s a difficult environment to be in, much less work in. That’s why a view is so important.

Scenic views, especially when accompanied with natural light, put people more at ease. A great view can make work a desirable place to be, even when contending with a large workload and looming deadlines. Never underestimate the power of a scenic view.

Environment Means Everything to Your Employees

If you want successful and devoted employees, think about the environment you provide for them. Your current office space might be the problem if it isn’t offering them the amenities they need to feel at ease. Maybe it’s time to make some changes and start someplace new. Dunham Ridge in Beverly, MA offers all the amenities mentioned in this blog. Learn more about our state-of-the-art office space here.