Posted by on June 15, 2019

Beverly is one of the best places on Massachusetts’ North Shore to spend a summer. Employees who have seen themselves through the first half of a highly productive year will be able to enjoy the weather as it gets warm. There’s so much to do in Beverly either during the day or after work. Summer in Beverly is great for employees and the employers who want to see them happy and fulfilled.

Team-Building Outdoors

Team-building activities help improve productivity, but they aren’t always fun. Most team-building activities involve people sitting around a table and answering questions. Why not take team-building outdoors for the summer?

Take team-building to scenic sites like Lynch Park or Long Hill. Spend some time on the beach or in the gardens. You can still sit down together and utilize the same team-building techniques, but the change of scenery might make people feel a little more open and relaxed.

Taking Charge of Their Health

Many people who work desk jobs find themselves putting on a few unwanted pounds. Things get busy, and they order unhealthy takeout. A lack of properly balanced meals combined with a job that’s mostly seated can lead to some adverse health effects. Summer is the perfect time to get out of the desk chair and into the fresh air.

Schedule outdoor workdays at the park. This is a great way to spend the second half of a Friday –especially if the week has been busy. Encourage employees to work while they move. Let them talk about big projects and iron out the details while they’re kicking around a soccer ball. They’ll be blowing off some steam and getting in a little more physical activity.

Celebrating Victories

Great bosses celebrate the victories of their teams. Celebrations boost morale and keep employees from feeling burned out. Why order pizza and eat it in the office when the whole world is waiting to be explored? Take your employees out for a victory lap. At the conclusion of a big project, have a summer blowout. Go to Independence Park and visit the beach. See a show together at one of the many theaters or reserve a section or table at a seaside restaurant for a post-work happy hour. Get out and make some memories – everyone worked hard, and they all deserve it.

Summer is the Best in Beverly, MA

It’s easy to understand why so many people work, live, and play in Beverly. Show your employees a good time and make memories together in one of the city’s many exciting yet peaceful locales. Happy employees will often stick around a long time, and there’s so much to be happy about in Beverly.