Posted by on May 28, 2019

Companies and corporations are always looking for the next place to grow their business and make a claim for a larger stake of their respective industries. A great example is the booming area of Mass Northshore. There are a number of reasons businesses are flocking to this eastern hub for innovative businesses. Why is Mass Northshore making national waves? It all comes down to the quality of life and improving the way people balance work and life.

What’s Booming in Northshore?

There are a lot of businesses on the Northshore now that were not there five years ago. What led to this change and boom in the area?

Proximity to Boston

The city of Boston has been largely known for its world-class higher ed and renowned medical care. Due to these reasons, Boston has a highly talented workforce pool that business are competing for. Mass Northshore is now appealing to a number of business and workers alike, however, because rent prices for office space, apartments, and houses are forcing both parties to look at alternatives to working and living right in the city. Mass Northshore is close enough to access Boston’s talent pool while far enough to escape the traffic and high rent prices.

Home Life Matters Too

For businesses, management and owners do not simply think about the corporation. The area of Mass Northshore is growing in popularity because of its appealing family life. Young professionals and established families similarly see the area as a great place to experience everything a major city has to offer. Its oceanside proximity alongside its residential feel makes this a great place for businesses and its employees.

Health-Minded in Every Aspect

Things that are often associated with mental health wellness can be overlooked when seeking a job, but once one arrives on the scene, these things can play a huge role in whether or not someone enjoys working at a company. Mass Northshore is a great partner to organizations focused on providing a good quality of life to all levels of employees. From affordable housing options to new development in the area to beaches and nightlife, the Northshore offers residents much to love. Mental health is crucial to professional success, and Mass Northshore puts people first.

Dunham Ridge in Beverly, MA

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