Posted by on May 24, 2019

A push to be more environmentally conscious is occurring all over the world and within the private sector. Many businesses are looking to move to more environmental practices in any way that fits the business’ model and plan. There are plenty of companies building new facilities, but a popular method many more businesses can participate in is simply moving to a more energy efficient building. Things like timers on lights, energy efficient light bulbs, and updates to window insulation can send a big message to customers and competitors. Cummings Properties has been a leader in making this a standard across the state of Massachusetts since entering the office space leasing industry.

Making a Statement with Energy Efficient Practices

An increase in businesses focusing on energy efficient practices is great for the world, and the participating businesses. A lot of things take a turn for the better when making the choice to be green, and that starts first and foremost with internal benefits.

Efficient for the Earth and the Wallet

Businesses of all sizes stand to save quite a bit of money over the long run when choosing energy efficient solutions for the office. Operating costs go down for many businesses after installing better utility features for the office. The initial cost of applying these changes sometimes scares companies away, but over time, the decreased costs associated with utility bills makes a big difference. Front the cost now to stay efficient in the future, both environmentally and fiscally. Dunham Ridge was built with state-of-art green solutions in mind to keep costs down for our clients,

Energy Efficient Changes Increase Value

There are a ton of great things that happen when leasing a space in a building designed with environmental efficiency in mind. Leasing a space at Dunham Ridge allows our clients to promote the low-impact our building has on the environment. Consumers and business alike are making it a priority to spend with like minded environmentally conscious companies now more than ever. Dunham Ridge enables your business to be green while you focus on your day-to-day operations.

Avoid Future Fees and Taxes

Many politicians are looking to tax businesses that do not comply with energy efficient practices. Whether that threat affects your state or city, it looks good to be on the early adopter side of these policy changes.

Dunham Ridge: Where business meets community

Renting a space for your business in an energy efficient building says a lot about your business. It shows that your business is concerned with the local community and health of the globe overall. There’s a lot to be lost in the future for businesses that drag their feet on these changes, which is why Cummings Properties is consistently looking to reduce emissions from its properties.  Call today to learn more about Dunham Ridge and its available spaces.