Posted by on February 20, 2019

There’s no denying the fact that we live in a digital age. Technology is advancing faster than ever before and your business may be missing out. The must-have technology for a business is constantly changing, but these are some of the products that make the top of the list right now.

Video Conference Software

Video conferencing is nothing new, but virtual reality software has taken it a step farther. This new software allows employees in different locations to get a realistic look at prototypes, models, and demonstrations. If your business isn’t ready to spend the amount that comes along with virtual reality software, having the best-of-the-best video conference software is the next best option. This will allow your team to meet face to face no matter where they are. Communication becomes much more effective than it is with just a phone call. You can judge facial expressions and body language as you speak to better gauge reactions to your ideas.

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Google recently released a new office technology device called the JamBoard. This device works by allowing users to draw or write on it just as they would a traditional whiteboard. The catch is that users in different rooms and areas can interactively draw on their JamBoard at the same time and share thoughts in real time. That means that if you present a demonstration and your boss working in a different state wants an adjustment made, s/he can physically write and direct what they want changed and where. The JamBoard acts as an interactive TV screen and whiteboard all in one. It may take some time to adjust to this cutting-edge technology, but the benefits are endless.

Call Patching

Call patching is the newest technology trend for incoming calls. This technology works by using a virtual receptionist to speak with a caller and direct the call personally, rather than placing the caller on hold after going through a series of recorded messages. Call patching improves the caller experience while allowing businesses to prioritize incoming calls. If your business requires you to work remotely or take a high number of calls each day, call patching is the latest technology to help you become more productive than ever before. Office technology is constantly changing, but we have a feeling these three additions are here to stay.

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