Posted by on February 13, 2019

The workplace blues are nothing new. Sitting in a cubicle, surrounded by fluorescent lights, barely getting to enjoy any sunlight after your long workday ends is an understandably draining experience. Many workers have complained about this set-up for years, but changes are finally being made. Offices with more natural light are becoming increasingly popular, and it turns out that change could have a big impact on your workplace performance.

Improved Mood

Employees suffering from a constant bad mood in the workplace are shown to have lower productivity rates. After all, why would you put in the most effort you can if you’re unhappy being at work? Something as simple as more natural light has been shown to improve the mood of employees by leaps and bounds. This can be credited to the fact that sunlight helps the body to produce serotonin and reduce stress. That’s why you feel better when you step outside after a stressful day. By bringing the outside in through lots of natural light, your employees will be able to enjoy those mood-changing benefits all day long.

A Stimulated Environment

Have you noticed that your employees seem to slow down halfway through the day? This is a common occurrence that can be blamed on two things – boredom and exhaustion. Natural light is unique because, throughout the day, it changes. As the sun moves, so will the light in the room. While this small change may not seem big enough to make a difference, it actually offers stimulation that your employees so desperately need. Fluorescent lights remain the same for hours on end, and employees are bound to become bored. The natural light will help with the exhaustion too. Sunlight is proven to make people feel more energized and alert throughout the day.

Improved Circadian Rhythm

You may not put much thought into the sleep schedules of your employees, but you should. Being inside all day, away from natural light, makes it difficult for the body to form a healthy circadian rhythm. If you can offer an environment at work that will help improve their sleep at home, they’ll become happier to come to work. Employees take notice when an employer makes changes to benefit them. If you’re still unsure about natural light in the workplace improving productivity, ask your employees. Many businesses have reported overwhelmingly positive responses to more natural light in the workplace.

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