Posted by on November 28, 2018

Tech companies have quickly taken over the job market. If your company is one of many tech companies looking to expand, leasing an office space should be one of your next steps towards that expansion. Tech companies have different needs than traditional companies when it comes to finding an office space that will work for them, but do you know what those needs are?

Room for Growth

Traditionally, tech companies grow much faster than other companies. Finding an office space that can accommodate a rising number of new hires in the coming months and years should be at the top of your priority list. Look for a space that offers multiple private offices, a conference room, and plenty of shared space for the variety of employees you’ll likely add to your payroll.

Easily Connected

Tech companies require a higher level of connectivity than the average business. When you’re searching for the perfect office space to lease, be sure to inquire about internet providers and bandwidth in the area. Some spaces may even include bonus rooms for additional servers as you grow. As you hire more employees, the bandwidth available per employee will gradually decrease. It’s important to ensure the space is capable of meeting the connection demands that come with running a successful tech company.


Tech companies and their customers generally value green initiatives and sustainable ways of living. If that applies to your tech company, search for a space that incorporates those elements. You may be able to find an office made with reclaimed materials that would appeal to potential customers and employees. Ask about office spaces with natural light, high-efficiency lighting fixtures, and even solar panels.

Why Tech Companies Should Lease an Office with Dunham Ridge

Dunham Ridge is located on Norwood Pond, directly abutting Route 128. This property offers many appealing natural features, including access to walking trails and scenic views. Our energy-efficient offices are perfect for tech companies, and our buildings offer LED lighting and programmable thermostats.