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Whether you’re leasing an office space for the first time or looking to make an upgrade to a larger space, the leasing process can be confusing. Whichever office space you chose, you’ll likely be there for one, three, or five years depending on the length of your lease; but ideally, you’ll like the space enough to stay for much longer than that. We want to help you through this process, so we’ve compiled a checklist of the most important things you should keep in mind when leasing an office space for your company.

  1. Location is Everything

The location should be the first thing on your checklist for multiple reasons. First, you need to ensure the office is located in a convenient area for your current team. If you’re looking to add new members to the team, consider leasing in an area filled with potential talent. The office should also be convenient for your clients and customers. Is it easy for them to find? Is there ample parking available for the clients? Be sure to step back and ask yourself those questions before signing a lease. Lastly, you should choose a location that makes work enjoyable if you can. This could mean choosing a location right off the highway to ensure an easy commute or perhaps in a scenic setting. The perfect location is different for each company, but knowing what that perfect location is should be one of the first things on the checklist.

  1. Set A Budget

Your next step should be setting a budget and sticking to it. Your budget should be one that the company can comfortably afford, not one that will put you in debt within a few months. By setting a budget before you begin searching for the perfect space, you can avoid looking at anything over the budget plan and ensure you won’t be in over your head. Account for additional expenses such as electric, phones, and any other services that the landlord expects your company to pay for, such as snow and ice removal.

  1. Read the Lease

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook details of the lease when you’re eager to move into a new space. You should be clear on who handles repairs, what changes you can make to the space, and the length of the lease. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.

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