Posted by on August 2, 2018

You’ve selected the location and signed a lease, and now you’re considering redesigning the office. Once you’ve leased an office, whether it’s a medical office, open office, or an office for a tech startup, the hard part is over. Now it’s time to have some fun designing the office. The team at Dunham Ridge is here to walk you through some popular office designs you can expect to see in 2018.

Open Collaborative Spaces

Now more than ever, companies are getting on board with open spaces. This is especially true for startups looking to get millennials in the door. These spaces typically consist of soft seating, whiteboards, large screens for presentations, and of course, a completely open space to encourage collaboration.

Unconventional Work Areas

Working in an office can be stressful, so companies are creating “meditation areas.” These spaces, again, are all about collaboration as well as providing employees with an area to collect their thoughts. In these rooms, you’ll find bean bag chairs, plants, yoga mats, and some vibrant colors.

Homestyle Designs

Home is where the heart is, and because we are in the office about 40 hours per week, work can start feeling like home. That said, why not transform the office into a home away from home? From coffee areas to beer fridges to game rooms, businesses are hearing the needs of their employees and creating some seriously comfortable offices.


In some of our past blogs, we’ve discussed incorporating plants to add some color and purify the air, but offices are also using plants in place of cubicle walls. This is an innovative trend that allows privacy while giving employees more interesting surroundings. Gone are the days of stand-alone dividers, white walls, and oversized corkboards.


Slowly working their way into reception areas and employee desks, terrariums are reaching a variety of businesses. Now, you’ll see them as accent pieces in restrooms, healthcare offices, and game rooms. Some popular terrariums include air plants, ferns, and Venus Fly Traps. Two of the major reasons people are flocking to this trend is the low maintenance and the small size.

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