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You’ve finished the difficult part – browsing offices and signing a lease. Now, it’s time to settle into your new office and help your employees feel at ease. From little knick-knacks to plants and fragrances, there are a number of things you can do to make your office feel like home.

Dim it Down with Soft Lighting

If you have windows in the office, keep the blinds up to take in natural lighting. Additionally, opt for LED lighting, as fluorescents aren’t as welcoming. Bringing in a lamp will personalize your workspace as well as add a pop of color to the office. Try looking for a natural daylight lamp to boost your mood.

Get Cozy with Fun Furniture

Chairs designed specifically for the office may work wonders on your back, but they often come in standard black, white, and tan. Bringing in a brightly colored foot rest or an additional chair for potential clients or those who want to stop at your desk will certainly add some pizazz to your office. Furniture that is designed to accentuate the home will make work much cozier.

 Use Plants to Reduce Anxiety

Did you know certain house plants can increase attentiveness, lessen anxiety, and raise productivity? Incorporating these into your workspace is a brilliant way to fill the space with color and provide a calming environment for employees, especially if you’re in a high-stress field.

Below are several plants you could consider for your office:

  • Lavender: decreases stress & lowers blood pressure
  • Aloe Vera: decreases anxiety & purifies the air
  • English Ivy: decreases anxiety & improves air quality
  • Gerbera Daisy: removes toxins associated with ink
  • Snake Plant: alleviates headaches & boosts energy levels

Hang Artwork Throughout the Office

Another easy way to add some color to your office is through artwork. This also allows you to express yourself and show your unique personality. Choose bright colors to boost your mood or some landscapes for tranquility.

Include Colorful Accessories

Now that you’ve leased a new office and have everything set up, it’s time to accessorize. This is a quick and easy way to add some flair without breaking the bank. Utilize brightly colored staplers, markers, and pencil holders.

About Office Spaces in Beverly, MA

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