Posted by on July 14, 2018

There’s a reason interior design has magazines, television networks, and blogs dedicated to it: it matters. This is true both at home and at work. If you have to spend your days in unattractive, uninspiring spaces, you’re likely to find yourself in a rut emotionally, imaginatively, and even physically.

If you run a business and you haven’t updated your workspace for a while, this might be the perfect time. Below, you’ll find five ways great office design will bolster your company culture, keeping employees happy and productivity high.

  1. Create an open space – Open spaces that allow colleagues to interact and bounce ideas off each other all day long are highly effective. They boost morale and often lead to great concepts that wouldn’t have been developed in conventional meetings. If you aren’t familiar with open floor plans, there are several layout options; you can go with individual desks arranged in a large room or long tables where everyone takes a seat. Just make sure you have plenty of outlets!
  2. Add plants – The more greenery you can add to your office, the better. Not only plant great for indoor air quality, but they trick your brain into thinking you’re outdoors, which can improve the quality of employees’ work.
  3. Buy modern furniture – Nothing bogs an office (and a company’s image) down more than heavy, outdated furniture. Get rid of anything dark and overstuffed in favor of sleek, modern furnishings. If you need help selecting items that truly work in your space, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the free decorating consulting services many furniture brands now offer.
  4. Create comfortable spaces – In today’s world, many jobs are nontraditional. Have a design department? Software developers? Social media gurus? If your workers aren’t conventional 9-to-5ers, don’t treat them like they are. Instead, provide comfortable seating areas (think streamlined sectionals and mid-century tables) where they can talk, work, and lounge. Creatives, for example, often thrive when they can leave their desks and think in a space that was designed to inspire.
  5. Choose easy-to-clean finishesLet’s face it, offices can get dirty quickly. When numerous people touch everything on a daily basis, it isn’t hard for grime to build up. Cut down on dirt by selecting surfaces that are easy to clean. Hardwood or laminate plank floors, for instance, wipe up much more easily than carpet, and light-colored counters are often easier to keep clean than dark ones.

Remember, good interior design isn’t just about layout; it’s about considering every aspect of your employees’ days and trying to make things as simple as possible. Call us at Dunham Ridge at 978.720.4015 if you’re seeking a new office in Beverly MA.