Posted by on June 26, 2018

As people better understand the impact that daily energy usage and building materials have on the environment, everyone from typical homeowners to high-end architects is focused on preserving the earth and its resources for future generations. As a result, green office spaces are now a permanent fixture in the commercial real estate landscape.

While you might think you understand the benefits of leasing a green office space (energy bill savings, anyone?), there are a few that you may not know. These are outlined in this helpful guide.

Clients Will Get a Great First Impression

One of the lesser-known benefits of working out of a green office is that it will likely impress your clients, regardless of what industry you’re in. Leasing an environmentally friendly space shows that you are progressive and modern, which gives you a leg-up on the competition.

Furthermore, green office buildings are usually newer construction, which means they tend to have clean, up-to-date designs and lots of amenities.

It Will Boost Your Staff’s Morale

Another unexpected benefit of having a green office is an increase in employee morale. As mentioned above, eco-friendly spaces tend to be recently built, modern buildings. This means they have plenty of natural light, open work areas, and common rooms that are designed for relaxation. Your staff is sure to be happier and more productive by virtue of working in such a place.

You Can Save Money for Fun Extras

You’ve undoubtedly already thought about the fact that your utility bills will be lower once you move into a green workplace. But have you considered what you might do with your savings? You can use your extra profit to buy the foosball table you’ve always wanted for your waiting area or get a high-end coffee maker for your breakroom.

By some estimates, eco-friendly buildings have annual utility costs that are less than half of those in traditional offices. That’s a lot of money you didn’t have before. Between saving money and protecting the earth for future generations, you really can’t go wrong with a green workspace! Contact us at Dunham Ridge to learn more: 978.720.4015.

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