Posted by on June 1, 2018

In the health industry, there are a number of requirements when it comes to office space. Whether the practice intends to offer diagnostic, pharmaceutical, or laboratory-related services, professionals in the field require that the office space fulfill certain criteria. If you’re planning on leasing a medical office space, here are some of the features you should consider.

The Expense

When thinking about the cost of leasing an office space, the rent always comes to mind first. It’s crucial to remember, however, that there are plenty of other things that can contribute to the overall expenditure. Take the example of a regular office space:  it may not cost as much when it comes to renting, but you’ll have to pay more since it has to be converted into a proper medical office.

Compliance With ADA Regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act has strict regulations that monitor whether a space is fit to be occupied for medical office purposes. Many of those regulations can’t be fulfilled by simply converting an ordinary space, so it’s important that you select a place that already meets ADA standards to a certain extent.

Biohazard Considerations

No matter what type of medical practice is carried out at the office, it’s likely to produce biohazard waste that must be disposed of properly. For this purpose, appropriate disposal systems will have to be installed so that waste such as lancets, blood bags, and syringes can be safely transported away from the building.

Equipment Safety

For certain practices, like laboratories and diagnostic centers, equipment such as X-ray machines and scanners are crucial in day-to-day operations, but these also pose the risk of spreading harmful radiation. Special shielding will have to be installed for those particular rooms.

Timings and Access

If you’re thinking of leasing a regular office space for medical practice purposes, remember that leases of this sort may not permit access to space outside of regular operational hours. Some medical offices might see patients outside of this timeframe, so make sure the lease’s terms of access comply with your preferred operating hours.

Parking Availability

It’s considered desirable for a medical practice to offer more parking than a regular office. Moreover, make sure that the spaces are close enough to the building so that patients and visitors can access it easily after exiting their vehicle.

Easy Access

One factor patients consider important when it comes to a medical-related practice is if it’s easily accessible. This means that it should be in an area they can quickly drive to without asking for too many directions. Also, patients are quick to assess whether features of the space cater to certain needs: wheelchair ramps, electronic doors, spacious elevators and optimal temperature control.

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