Posted by on May 18, 2018

Looking for ways to enhance the lighting in your office? Ribbon windows might be just what you need. Their elongated and functional shape affords uninterrupted and beautiful panoramic views and lets in plenty of natural light – illuminating workspaces, bench tops, and dining areas.

Ribbon windows are extremely popular in both commercial and residential buildings, as they are stylish, let in plenty of light, and maintain privacy at the same time. Installing ribbon windows can be cost-effective as well; they are usually in the mid-price range.

Homeowners and business owners can use these kinds of windows to excellent effect, providing a sleek and modern focal point that feels open and spacious. You can place these windows at a normal height or a little higher up on your walls to let in more light and maintain your privacy.

Also, because ribbon windows are almost always non-movable, or fixed, and will not require thick frames, these windows are typically energy-efficient and let in a lot of natural light. If installed right in your office, ribbon windows could provide a perfect combination of functionality and style.

Energy Efficient

Fixed, or non-movable, frames are often more energy-efficient compared with movable options like casements or awning. This can translate to more energy savings and much lower cooling and heating bills for your office which, though small each month, could still add up to substantial savings over 10 to 12 years.

More Natural Light

As the area of a window pane is easily maximized by not using thick frames, these windows effectively let lots of natural light into the room. The use of a strip of sturdy rubberized caulking exposes the whole window pane, allowing more light to pass through.

It can be the most suitable option for rooms that are commonly dark and do not have adequate sunlight, such as conference rooms.

Maximize Privacy

When ribbon windows are installed high up on the walls, they can still let in plenty of light while maintaining the privacy of your office. This set up will not provide business owners and employees with a great view from the band of windows, but you can work your way around it.

One simple way is to install them at about the same level as standard picture windows; however, it is important to use a reflective material or darker tint on the outside (this is very common in a majority of commercial buildings) in order to prevent others from looking into your office. Or, you can simply opt for a window treatment across the glass.

These are just some of the important reasons why ribbon windows are so appealing in offices. If you’re seeking an office with ribbon windows, contact the team at Dunham Ridge at 978.720.4015.