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In this day and age, energy-efficient buildings are becoming the standard. People are beginning to understand the importance of conserving natural resources and many are opting to live more sustainably. In addition, leasing an office in an energy-efficient space is sure to save you money over time.

Business owners, however, do need to think about whether or not it makes sense for them to move to an energy-efficient unit right now, especially if they weren’t already planning to relocate their workspaces. In order to decide if you should lease an office in an energy-efficient building, ask yourself the following questions:

How Many Hours Per Week is Someone in the Office?

This might seem like a strange question at first, but today’s workers are more mobile than any previous generation. People often work remotely or do the bulk of their work as digital nomads. If your staff is largely remote and you keep an office for only the rare occasions when someone chooses to use it, it may not be necessary for you to move to an energy-efficient space.

How Much Money Can I Save By Moving My Office?

Perhaps the easiest way to figure out if it’s worth moving your center of operations to an energy-efficient unit is to figure out how much money you’ll save by doing so. There are a few different ways to go about estimating what your monthly or annual savings will be.

One option is to use an online energy efficiency calculator. These use an algorithm involving the average utility costs in energy-efficient facilities to figure out how much you’ll save compared with your current average payments.

Another option is to have your utility providers come to your current office to perform energy audits. This will help you understand how much energy is being used, as well as where some is being wasted. The technician who performs your audit may also be able to explain more about the benefits of energy-efficient structures to you.

Is Energy Efficiency Something That Matters to My Clients?

Many clients care tremendously about whether their suppliers and service providers are going green, so moving to an energy-efficient office is likely to reflect positively on you and your business. More and more, people appreciate when the companies they work with make an effort to improve the environment.

These are just a few of the issues you’ll have to consider before you make the move to an energy-efficient office building. Hopefully, they will get you thinking in the right direction, and you’ll know what the right decision for your company is soon.

Our energy-efficient offices at Dunham Ridge come with LED lighting, programmable thermostats, window glazing, on-site recycling, and more!

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