Posted by on May 4, 2018

Even if you’ve operated a business for quite some time, you might not realize that metropolitan office spaces are generally designated into three classes: Class A (First Class), Class B (Second Class), and Class C (Third Class).

If you’re thinking about leasing an office in a metro area, however, it’s important to understand exactly what these different categorizations mean. In this guide, we’ll be specifically addressing what sets first-class offices apart from their second- and third-class counterparts.

They Are Located in Desirable Areas

First-class offices are generally found in sought-after neighborhoods.

They Are State-of-the-Art

Because first-class offices attract high-end clientele, they have the best of everything. If you lease space in a facility of this class, you can expect upscale finishes, energy-efficient HVAC systems for great air quality, beautiful interior design, and, in many cases, notable neighbors.

There’s no doubt that your clients will be impressed from the moment they enter the lobby of your first-class office building. Architects and builders go to great lengths to make sure that reception areas, hallways, bathrooms, and all other public areas are impeccably styled. The only thing you have to do is ensure that your office is equally superior.

They Have Excellent Amenities

The tenants in first-class office buildings don’t go without. These facilities are often equipped with a wide range of amenities for employees to enjoy at their leisure. Fitness centers, coffee bars, hair salons, and childcare are all available in different buildings around the world.

Before you sign a lease for a first-class office, it’s important to make a list of your priorities and make sure they are all met. If you’re going to be paying for rent in a space like this, you want to get everything you’re hoping for and more.

Lease an Office at Dunham Ridge

If you’re in need of a first class office outside of Boston MA, contact the team at Dunham Ridge to discuss your options. This fall we will have a new build-to-suit office, flex and research space in Beverly, MA. We have several properties available for lease which include LED lighting, card key access, and programmable thermostats.