Posted by on April 12, 2018

Energy-efficient offices make a big difference when it comes to productivity. Many people don’t recognize that an environmentally friendly office can affect one’s mood, but employees in these spaces are much happier.

Natural lighting improves both mood and health. In fact, a study conducted by The Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics at Carnegie Mellon found improved lighting designs led to a .7-23 percent gain in individual productivity.

A living plant will also help lower stress and increase cognitive function as well as enhance creativity. The term “biophilia” is used to connect humans with living things and this concept has now been implemented in many workplace designs.

Thermal issues are a major complaint that circulate around the office. If you don’t work in an energy-efficient office, you’ll often hear co-workers discuss the office being too cold or too warm. Air quality is also essential, as polluted air can make employees feel tired and have trouble processing thoughts.

Wall-to-wall windows increase sunlight in the office and make the floor plan appear very large and open. Psychology Today reported that exposure to natural daylight improves workplace performance.

Open offices are another concept that many companies are adapting to. Less space is used with an open office, which ultimately lower’s the building’s carbon footprint.

Natural hardwood flooring trumps engineered flooring because it offers a natural ambiance in the office. Hardwood flooring generates positive emotions, according to Paula Rizzo, Health Producer at FOX News.

Tips to Make Your Office Energy-Efficient

If you don’t currently have an energy-efficient office, below are some tips and tricks to make your office green.

  • Switch to power strips
  • Switch from desktops to laptops
  • Use LED lighting
  • Use ENERGY STAR products
  • Unplug electronics when you aren’t using them
  • Check energy use by installing meters
  • Don’t use disposable cups

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