Posted by on March 22, 2018

Some offices are filled with vibrant artwork, chandeliers, and large flat-screen televisions that greet us as we walk in. On the other hand, there are plenty of businesses that provide us with just what we need: a couch, some magazines, and a reception desk. As companies are getting on board with updating their décor and implementing the newest technology, it’s important for your business to get ahead of the game. Having an office that offers the bare minimum doesn’t cut it these days; however, there is plenty you can do to ensure your office is up to date.

Below are some major disadvantages to having an out-of-date office:

  1. Low company morale – Employees may not want to walk into the office day after day when they’re using outdated supplies and staring at blank cubicles. When the walls are white and there are minimal plants, flowers, or photos hanging, it can be dull and boring.
  2. High turnover rate – Even if everything is running smoothly, you might see an increase in the turnover rate. Employees may grow bored and could potentially turn to a more modern firm that has a ping pong table, fully stocked break room, and stand-up desks.
  3. Client disappointment – Clients may not be pleased when entering the waiting room if there is nothing to do. When they are waiting and the WIFI is slow, they might lose their patience.
  4. No collaboration – Offices that lack an open space, a break room, kitchen, or conference room, tend to take a hit when it comes to collaboration. Older offices often have cubicles or small areas for employees to get their work done, which leaves employees feeling alone.
  5. Work isn’t done on time – When the Internet is slow, the printer is constantly jammed, and the computers are constantly freezing, this hinders employee work performance.

Invest in an Office at Dunham Ridge

At Dunham Ridge, we provide businesses with gorgeous office spaces in a dynamic location. Featuring ribbon windows and a curtain wall system with operable window sections, covered parking lots, on-site recycling, and LED lighting, we have made sure our offices can accommodate any business. If you’re interested in leasing a new office space, get in touch with us today!