Posted by on March 12, 2018

Many of us have grown accustomed to the bright fluorescent lights that are found shining throughout the office, but did you know these can strain the eyes and slow down productivity? By replacing fluorescent lights with LED lighting, you’ll be significantly improving company morale as well as your employees’ comfort.

Environmentally Friendly: LED lights use less energy than traditional office lights. which will cut down on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. In typical office lighting, the bulbs utilize harmful materials including lead and mercury. On the other hand, LED lights are completely recyclable.

Long-Lasting: LED lights last much longer than modular office lights (about 10 years).

Affordability: When compared to conventional lights, LED lighting will save you a substantial amount of money in the long-run. Gone are the days of running to the hardware store to replace lightbulbs.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Since LED lights make the office much brighter, this creates a more inviting space. Your employees won’t have to worry about migraines or vision problems, and clients will enjoy a warm, welcome setting when entering the office.

Fewer Lights Needed: Most traditional lighting emits light in multiple directions, which can waste energy. Furthermore, lighting found in offices illuminates the ceiling as well as other areas that require no light. LED lights provide the same level of brightness as fluorescent lights without straining the eyes and they distribute light in a focused direction. Again, fewer lights means reduced energy consumption.

Key Differences Between LED Lighting & Other Sources (Incandescent Bulbs, CFLs, etc.)

  • LEDs are ideal for recessed lighting and task lighting because they do not need diffusors or reflectors.
  • Incandescent lights are incredibly fragile, whereas LEDs can withstand physical shock.
  • LEDs are smaller, making them much more appropriate for a variety of uses. Incandescent lights are commonly used in areas where size is not a factor.
  • Incandescent lights take a while to warm up, and they are hot to the touch.

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