Posted by on December 19, 2017

Whether you’re starting your own new medical practice or you’re gaining more patients in your current practice, it’s important to have a medical space that caters to your business needs. While there are many commercial spaces on the market, be patient and consider multiple factors before making a decision.

If you’re a pediatrician, for example, you’ll want an office that has plenty of room for little ones to roam around. Think about your patient demographic, how many patients are typically in the waiting room, and what type of flow you’d like for your office space.

Here is what to look for when leasing space for your new medical office:

Consider Visibility and Design

Depending on the type of medical practice you are running, visibility and design could be very important. For example, if you are operating an urgent care clinic, you’ll want to remain close to residential neighborhoods. It is important for every person to be able to find your medical practice. Making it easy to find your location adds convenience for your patients.

The design of the office is also a priority. After all, the first impression affects the way prospective and current patients see your practice. The design of your new medical office represents your professionalism, credibility, and expertise.

Look for a Healthcare Cluster

When leasing a new commercial space for your medical practice, look for office campuses that are home to other healthcare and wellness practitioners, as you may be able to share referrals. An orthopedist may find it convenient to have a physical therapist next door, and a general practitioner might like to be located in a business park that has a lab for blood draws.

Pay Attention to Population

When looking for a new location to place your medical practice, make sure there is a large enough population in the local area. If you have older patients, consider a location closer to a hospital, and if you serve children, search for a property near schools. By leasing space within a business campus, your practice might become a convenient option for employees who work on site.

If you are interested in a new medical office space for your medical practice, get in touch with us. At Dunham Ridge, we will make sure the new office suits your needs, business plan, and budget.

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