Posted by on January 17, 2017

Beverly is an absolutely gorgeous community located a short distance from the historical city of Boston, MA. With plenty of dining options, local attractions, and conveniently located shopping plazas, Beverly is the ideal community to settle down in. With more families choosing to live in Beverly, more and more businesses are entering the community. Even smaller businesses are beginning to expand as local and nearby residents are seeking career opportunities in Beverly.

At Dunham Ridge, we offer beautiful office spaces for your growing company, ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 square feet. Whether you’re in need of a medical office, wet lab, or first-class office, we can accommodate you.

Here are a few reasons why Beverly is the perfect location for your new office:

Located Near the Water

There are a handful of beaches in Beverly as well as plenty of beaches in the surrounding areas. If you’re stressed from work, there’s nothing more calming than spending time looking at the ocean.

Commuter Rail

For a quick commute into the city, hop on the commuter rail for only $16.50 round-trip. Rather than dealing with traffic and parking lots with hefty price tags, grab a ticket for the commuter rail, sit back, and relax—or pull out your laptop and get work done during the ride.

Restaurants & Attractions

In Beverly, there are plenty of restaurants, diners, and assorted eateries, perfect for your lunch break or an after-work drink.

Affordable Location

Offices in Boston are generally much more expensive than renting a space outside of the city, which is why many businesses head to Beverly. Here, companies have the luxury of being in close proximity to downtown while having a significantly more affordable lease.

If you’ve decided on Beverly for your new office space, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss options. Our offices at Dunham Ridge are conveniently located along Route 128. We have ample parking, five-story buildings, LED lighting, on-site recycling, ribbon windows offering lots of light, and so much more.

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