Posted by on January 2, 2017

Throughout the years, both managers and business owners have noticed that the office environment, as well as the overall corporate space, directly impacts employee creativity, satisfaction, and effectiveness.

Tech companies started developing a worldwide reputation for designing and building exceptional workspaces that are more like playgrounds for their employees. This revolution has quickly spread to other industries and, today, a lot of businesses and corporations are moving toward creative, collaborative, and open workspaces.

Below are four modern features to consider for your commercial space:

Open Offices

Employees want to interact with each other, and an open office can stimulate productivity and encourage collaboration. When you have an open office floor plan, you’re more aware of the needs of others, and it’s easier to have an open discussion or bounce around ideas.

Hot Desking

Having a team that is not “chained to the desk,” but can access one when needed, can reduce costs and maximize networking opportunities. The flexibility of open offices and modern corporate space has become more valuable as technology advances, as it allows employees to work from absolutely anywhere.

Functional Buildings

Modern corporate space designs often include restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, libraries, daycare, and much more.

You may have seen the office buildings of Google, which offers one of the best examples of this. Google’s theory is that happy employees are more likely to be productive and stay in the office longer. We all know that sometimes the best business ideas come at the gym, so instead of sitting around at your desk when you’ve reached a roadblock, you can visit the office gym or have a quick bite at the office restaurant to stimulate your creative juices.

Common Spaces

Working together on complicated problems can improve productivity. Common spaces are great for meetings and collaboration and can create a positive community feel.

If you want top-quality work, you need to give your employees a modern and top-quality corporate space. Consider leasing an office space at Dunham Ridge and working with our in-house team to design and build the right environment for your team.



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